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    Vocational Training
A key pillar of the laboratory mission is the vocational education of its staff. The training involves, besides the basic analytical techniques needed in the chemical sector, all the processes from the extraction to the purification of plant substances, to organic chemical synthesis, to the production of food additives, wastewater treatment and management of industrial production. All of these activities are conducted in full respect of every environmental and safety related aspect.
CRCF strongly believes that this vocational training will help the companies it partners with in getting highly specialised staff that is fully aware of the mechanics within chemical industrial processes.
Therefore, the company is focused on pursuing collaborations with the most prestigious Italian and European universities to meet its goals, in order to increase its knowledge base and get to know the smartest students who will become competent and motivated members of our team.
At the same time, the company pays attention in providing its technicians with all the training and tools needed to make them become specialists able to face all the different issues of the very competitive chemical and chemical engineering sectors, without affecting the effectiveness of every day's laboratory service tasks.